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AkaHendy’s unique sound-flavour charts new territory in the world of EDM with rhythmic, trance-like bass and a feel-good, new-school, progressive sound.

Described as brooding, soulful, rich and luxurious; it’s listening that’s curated for both dancing and deep-thinking.

He satisfies the sweet and salty ear by combining delicate, melodic and soothing sounds while delivering an atmospheric, bass-infused beat. Each song tells an immersive, symphonic story.

Finding his vibe among the genre’s of chill step, liquid drum and bass, psydub, psybient and world bass; AkaHendy’s music will transport you to another place.


AkaHendy has released 12 singles across all major platforms generating nearly 40 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. His playlist; ‘AkaHendy & Friends’, has over 40,000 followers. His song ‘Take My Hand’ with PRZM is featured on Salomon TV’s 2018 Fall/Winter teaser on Youtube.

Here, AkaHendy shares where his music originates.

“I started producing when I was a teenager, as a way to communicate. Producing became an outlet for frustrations and failures that I felt had accumulated in my life at the time. I had learned to play a couple instruments growing up, but I was fascinated by the depth and complexity that producing allowed me. From there, I seem to have picked up a lingering hunger to learn more that has never left me. Making music is therapeutic. It’s a place for me to release my stress and communicate my feelings through sound.

I slowly realized I wanted to make my life about music when I’d find myself out at an inspiring show, itching to get home so I could start work on my own story. Eventually, the feeling of missing out on something big for myself became too strong to suppress.

At first, I stayed away from Dj’ing shows and prioritized production work in the studio. I wanted to hone in on my art and individual sound. I started in LogicPro then moved to FL Studio and have spent the better part of the last 8-years using Ableton.

With music, I wear my heart on my sleeve. What you hear in each song, is my best interpretation of what I was feeling during the time leading up to its release.

Now that I’ve gotten comfortable with my sound design, I’ve had a blast playing shows in Canada. When I spin, I try to emulate the many artists that have inspired me along the way with their performances; making people feel alive and connected.”


AkaHendy’s newest collaboration with Chris Komus, ’Sweet Dreams’, as well as his January 2019 release, ‘Pull Me Under’; were featured on Bump in the Hump 96.9 FM in Toronto. He has several releases under German-based EDM music label Audiotonique. Other collaborations include PRZM.

AkaHendy has had the pleasure of mixing live at venues such as The Pyramid, FOOTW3RK, The Garrick Hotel, Underground Revival, Atmos After Hours and several private engagements.

AkaHendy is a Canadian music producer and DJ from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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In 2018 AkaHendy & PRZM’s ‘Take My Hand’ was used as the background track for Salmon TV’s FW 18/19 Teaser.